Your Guide To Various Types Of Corner Bathtubs

Corner Bathtubs

Bathtubs are commonplace in most homes across the world. For that reason, it is pretty easy for the typical homeowner to overlook their storied heritage. When people look at the modern bathtub, notably the all-bells as well as whistles tubs, it is highly likely that they won’t spare a single thought for the concept of the genesis. As such, we thought we would take some time to explore the origin of bathtubs with a significant concentration on types of corner bathtubs-and you will be surprised to learn that it began over 200 years ago.

The earliest documented evidence of a corner bathtub was a plumbing system in India. Copper water pipes utilized for personal bathing were discovered at that same time, during the years of civilization. The first documented example was based in Crete, still, BC.

Over a couple of years, the design took the form of a large pedestal bathroom tub made of high-end pottery. Since bathing was strictly reserved for the rich and influential in society, it is no surprise that the first corner bathtub was found in a revered palace in Knossos.

Modern Bathtubs Explained

Perhaps you’ve heard of the prominent Dark Ages, which have a reason behind the name. Following the grievous fall of the famous Roman Empire, sanitation vanished, causing the people to revert back to slightly primitive states where bathtubs weren’t commonplace. In fact, people often used standing water found in buckets and then threw out of the window across the streets.

Corner Bathtubs

Rather than bathing, these individuals found it convenient to use perfume-sounds charming, right? Well, thankfully, during the rise of the Vatican Era and the Industrial Revolution, modern plumbing became common in societies. It allowed for the design as well as the development of slightly complicated bathrooms and bathtubs. The corner bathtub was invented at that point.

The first kind of the corner bathtub was the clawfoot, which became a must-have item to every homeowner. In the 1850s, the British artisans cracked this tub coasting code by initiating a unique tack- all bathtubs had a ceramic touch to give it a glazed look. Today, corner bathtubs take different shapes and sizes. They can fit into the corner of a bathroom.

They are also large enough to accommodate one to two bathers at the same time comfortably. These bathtubs have several advantages. One of them includes the fact that you can easily fit into a small bathroom that may not accommodate the typical rectangular tub. This provides you with extra space for other users in the bathroom.

Additionally, many Jacuzzis are considered to be the corner bathtub. Here, with minor adjustments, users can enjoy its benefits in the home. Now that you know the heritage of corner bathtubs, it is essential to garnering more knowledge on who needs this type of bathtub. We will discuss this in the next paragraph.  You will also learn how to spruce your bathroom with this stylish bathtub design.

Corner Bathtubs

Who Is A Corner Bathtub For?

A corner bathtub makes a perfect addition to your bathroom, especially if it is challenged for extra space or has an awkward layout. Because the design is round in shape, this modern bathtub easily fits into various areas that were initially inaccessible for the typical bathtub design. Other than that, the smaller size does not have a significant impact on the various added functionalities of the bathtub since it is doubled into hot tubs as well as Jacuzzis, thereby, creating a stylish modern addition to your bathroom. The design is ideal for individuals who lack space in their bathrooms. Being round in design, it can comfortably accommodate many people.

Now, let us look at the two common types of corner bathtubs in the next paragraph of this article:

  • Corner Whirl Pools – When it comes to sprucing your bathroom by adding space, there is one perfect choice of a whirlpool, and that is the corner pool. The design takes less space than your traditional bath. It also serves as a major focal point for the bathroom too.
  • Corner Soaking Tubs-A soaking corner bathtub is a relaxation point at the corner of your bathroom. It holds deeper water and does not have jets.

In Closing

A corner tub will always assist you to increase your bathroom’s style as well as its appeal. This design of bathtub can also help you to utilize space to the fullest while at the same time ensuring a better look. Although they are expensive and need proper care and installation, they are definitely worth owning.



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