What To Go For: Frontal Lace Closure Or Lace Closure Wigs


Give yourself a facelift by choosing a befitting wig; pick the best from the latest closure wigs trends in the market. If you are uncertain of which lace closure wig to go for, this article will enlighten you about the checklists of buying quality lace frontal closure or lace closure wigs. With a wide variety of lace wigs to choose from, finding the right wig can be a bit challenging; for example, you might be stuck on whether to choose a lace frontal or lace closure.

Closure Vs. Frontal: The Difference

The closure and frontal wigs are flawless, with a lace that resembles the scalp sawn with the hair extension. The lace piece used in closure wigs covers a small area of the frontal part, usually, the size is 4×4 inches. The frontals extend in front to cover the front hairline; they are usually bonded for a more natural look.

1· Frontal Closures

The lace frontal closure wigs are the latest trend; it’s the best choice for ear-to-ear hairline recreation. Frontals are best known for their varsity in styling and an easy pull back if you wish to; this is the best way to identify frontal lace wigs. The scalp matching lace makes it look more natural and flawless, giving you a perfect hairline.

The installation can either be by bonding or sewing. The front cover is usually 13 inches and 4 inches back cover.

2· Closure Wigs

Closure wigs have a more natural look; they have a parting portion at the front of the hairline, typically 4×4. A closure lace is used to style and finish a specific style. They come in three stylings; The three free, and middle part stylings. The three-part enables you to style three different stylings; the styling has three partitions to choose from.

The middle styling has only one partition in the middle; the freestyling, however, enables you to partition and style however you want. This is the best option of the three. Lace closure wigs last longer when well maintained; they are also easy to install.

Which Is Preferred: Closure or Frontal

Both closure and frontal lace wigs are perfect for a stunning and flawless look. The recommendation is determined by your hairline, styling, and preference. If you are looking for varsity in styling or a wig that will give you a whole new hairline from ear to ear, then a frontal lace wig is the best choice. For a longer-lasting and a more natural look, then go for the lace closure wig.


The lace closures and frontals aim to give you an elegant, stylish look but are both different in installation appearance and styling. Some people prefer to combine the two to get a perfect end look. People who are a bit keener on their natural hair prefer closures to frontals because there is less interference with your hair. Frontals protect your hairline edges from breakages; it also conceals split edges and bad hairlines.

Both lace wigs require maintenance for longer service life; however, regular stylings are not advisable especially gluing.


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