Uses Of Paper Doilies And How To Choose The Best One


A paper doily is a decorative mat made of paper. Typically a doily can also be made from fabric. It usually comes in a wide range of colors. Paper doilies are characterized by openwork that allows the underlying object’s surface to show through. Note that doilies are also referred to as dollies (singular -dolly). This post looks at common paper doily or paper dolly uses and choosing the best one.

Uses of a paper doily

Paper doilies are simple but highly beneficial products for any homeowner. Below are some ways in which you can use these ornamental mats;

1. Decorating your table setting

As mentioned before, paper doilies are decorative mats. However, it is worth clarifying that they are not conventional floor mats but table mats. Therefore, they can be used for decorating your dining table. Here, all you have to do is choose the right type, style, and size, then place them on your table. Note that the paper doilies can work to your disadvantage if you do not match them correctly.

2. Furniture protection

In addition to decorating and transforming your dinner setting, you can also use doilies as coasters. Here, you place them under stemware and in between cups. They will keep the moisture and heat from damaging the surface of your table.

3. Storage

A typical application for doilies is in the storage of plates and dishes. Here, the doily is placed between plates when they are stored. Doing this prevents the plates from getting scratches. It can also prevent them from breaking due to contact with each other. All you must do is take a few doilies, place them on each plate before placing another one on top. You can also cover the top plate with the doily on the top plate. It will keep it from getting dusty.

4. How to choose the best paper doily

The market features a wide range of paper doilies from various brands and stores. When choosing the right ones, below are some factors to consider;

a. Size

Typical paper doilies measure between four to eighteen inches. When choosing the right size, you must consider how many doilies you want and the size of your table. If you plan on using them for storage, you should also consider the size of your dishes.

b. Style

These products come in a wide range of styles. From casual to elegant styles, there are so many options to choose from. The choice you make should be based on your taste. You can select more than one style. The trick is to make sure they match your interior décor and your dinnerware. Note that they also come in varying patterns and shapes.

c. Color

These products also come in a wide range of colors. This means that you can get whichever color you need. When choosing the best color, you have to go with your gut and the rest of your home décor.


When choosing a paper doily, selecting one based on your needs or the intended use is essential. It is also worth noting that a doily can go a long way in turning your table setting from dull to respectable and lively.


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