How To Choose A Universal Travel Adapter

Universal Travel Adapter
Universal Travel Adapter

On average, people have up to 5 or 6 adapters in their houses. Mostly they are from different electronic devices that are long dead or rarely in use. However, there comes a time when you need to replace a universal travel adapter for various reasons. Unknown to many people, one cannot merely pick any charger to use. Below are some things to take into consideration when choosing a universal power adapter.

  • Battery Type Of The Universal Travel Adapter

The first thing to consider when choosing a charger for an electronic device is to check the kind of battery it uses.  Even as chargers such as a universal power laptop adapter are wholly universal, some have a different battery requirement. Take a moment to consider if the model uses charge gel or flooded batteries as a means of charging. Doing so allows you to know the kind of charger you will use.

Universal Travel Adapter
Universal Travel Adapter
  • Universal Travel Adapter Battery Capacity

One of the main reasons for a charger taking forever to charge your device is underestimating the charging capacity required. However, the opposite is true as overestimating causes excessive heating that causes lag in the long run and puts you in danger of fire. As both scenarios create irreversible damage to the battery and reduce your electronics useful life, it’s essential to counter check the battery capacity. Often this information is availed as a sticker on the side of the device and hence valuable when choosing the best travel adapter.

  • The Universal Travel Adapter Multi-Bank Charger Capacity

As many people want the convenience of having a charger that will power various devices, multi-bank chargers are on the rise. However, when choosing, take a moment to consider the different capacities of the bank. The variety provided should be in the same range as your device to avoid overheating. Base your choice on the smallest bank to avoid excessively long charging over time. Doing so allows you to purchase the best universal power adapter that will charge different devices effectively.

  • The Mode Of Device And Relation To The Universal Travel Adapter

Though often overlooked, the mode of charging of a device usually plays a significant role in how it performs. To figure this out, you have to consider the charge capacity of a device. Invest in a charger that is specifically made for your battery type. Keep in mind the voltage, model, and capacity to select the best universal power supply.

Universal Travel Adapter
Universal Travel Adapter
  • Charging Times Of The Universal Travel Adapter

Finally, consider the charging times of your charger. Often the size of your battery will affect how long it will take to charge your battery. The adapter you use should only provide less than 50% discharge. If the flooded batteries of your travel adapter discharges more, the charging period extends exponentially and thus charges your device at a snail speed.


Overall, as there are various dangers of using a universal power adapter that isn’t compatible with your device, its best to seriously consider the steps above. Above all, when choosing a universal travel adapter, ensure you take into consideration the originality of the charger that you are investing in to ensure prolonged use and durability.


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