The Best Wireless Workout Headphones


Listening to music while doing rigorous workouts is very common among the athletes and bodybuilders. While you are hitting the gym, listening to your favourite tunes improve your workouts. The concept is that listening to music distracts you from the bodily pain you feel while having the burn. So a good quality headphone is your buddy while you are burning the fat, right?

The wireless earbuds or headphones are an excellent addition to the people are who running and sprinting and doing some hard work at the gym.  Headphones with cords are okay for travelling or listening to music when you are sitting in front of your PC. But wires can really complicate things when you are doing exercise and your favourite music is getting off every 30 seconds!!  So in this article, I will be discussing the best wireless workout headphones for the athletes.

Wireless Bluetooth headphones are the ultimate solution for this problem. There is no chance of yanking and the cable will not get in the way at the time of the workout. But still, the search for the perfect wireless workout headphones goes on. These are the things that should be kept in my mind while purchasing a wireless headphone-

  • Earbud quality – It should fit your ear and must be comfortable.
  • The most important feature is the IP code of the product. This is the feature which ensures the water/sweat resistance of the earbuds. The workout earbuds must be water and sweat proof.
  • Wireless connectivity – The connectivity should be smooth and should support all the devices.
  • It should be durable as it will experience the heat of heavy workout.
  • Sound quality should be decent.
  • The battery life of the wireless headphones should be decent.
  • The range of the device should be worthy.
  • For full-size headphones, the noise isolation level is a great factor.
  • Design should be strong but light.
  • Know your preferences whether you want a full size or earbuds, noise isolation or noise cancellation, high-quality sound or mediocre level is okay!

Best Wireless Headphones for Workout

The list I will be discussing here will cover all types of wireless earbuds or full-size headphones. Low cost, medium cost and high-cost headphones will be there. Let’s begin-

  1. Jaybird x3 Sport Earphones

This sweat-proof Jaybird X3 is a combination of great wireless property and seamless design. The sound quality is superior. After testing this one I can say that it is a complete package of multi-sport functionality with a bright sound. With a 20 minutes charge, you will get an hour of playtime. Great helmet friendly design for the bikers. It is superior to the previous X series of the Jaybird and it is getting a great response from the users.


  • It provides the opportunity to mix and create your own sound by means of Jaybird App. The app helps you to control the noise level and treble level. Save your new sound and name it in the app. You can enjoy the sound made by you anytime.
  • It is sweat proof and water resistant. Enjoy the features under the rain!
  • 8 hours battery life for the earphones.
  • Enhanced signal strength is one of the great features.
  • It has super ergo fins for a great fit for any sizes of ears.


  • Small portable earbuds creating great sounds.
  • Decent battery life
  • Super compact
  • The carrying case is attractive and compact.
  • Provides some good noise isolation.


  • It is pricier than its competitors.
  • Some sportsman or runners find it a little uncomfortable at first.

Please check the official website of Jaybird X3 wireless Bluetooth earphones.

The price is $129.99.

  1. FEIDOL HDC-XB1N Wireless In-Ear Sports Headphone – The Best Budget Earphone

FEIDOL HDC-XB1N Wireless Earphones

Very low price earphones with decent sound quality. The deep bass and crisp treble are admirable. A great feature is offered by the FEIDOL at a lower cost.


  • FEIDOL is offering 6 months guarantee for this device. That is very much appreciable.
  • Impressive bass and treble quality for a better sound experience.
  • Bluetooth version used is V4.1 with CSR chip.
  • The audio driver is stable and upgraded for enabling new features.
  • Water and Sweat Resistant design. Internal protection level is IPX-7.
  • Up to 12 hours of battery life.
  • Supports almost all the devices and connects quickly.
  • Super convenient NFC function is available.
  • Multi-function buttons are available.
  • The magnetic suction charger is provided.


  • Clear sound and deep bass.
  • The built-in driver is premium quality.
  • IPX-7 water resistant grade provides great protection against water and sweat. No complications while using it at the time of running or sprinting.
  • Energy efficient lithium-ion battery provides continuous music playback for 12 hours. You just need to put the earphone for 2 hours of charging. That’s it!
  • Great stability in the Bluetooth connections due to the advanced NFC function. Smooth communication is ensured while you are using it as a mobile microphone to receive calls and speak.
  • EDR technology allows connecting the headphone to two different devices simultaneously.


  • Some people may not like the design. Otherwise, it’s a great device for the price.

Buy the earphone on Amazon.

The price is only $ 32.99.

  1. Plantronics BlackBeat FIT 500

This device is for the people who prefer Full-sized Headphones over the earbuds. This Headphone from Plantronics is sweat-proof and water-resistant. For low to medium intensity training, this is perfect. Comfortable to ears and looks cool. If you are warming up or getting yourself calm after a workout this headphone is perfect. The sweet and rich sound with deep bass is enjoyable. This is one of the headphones that produces great sound quality with Bluetooth wireless technology.


  • Great headphone for one the go. Useful for using at the time of the workout.
  • 18 hours battery life.
  • DeepSleep move available for battery saving.
  • 5 mm backup jack is available along with wireless tech.
  • Water and Sweat resistant.
  • Super durable design.
  • 33 feet or 10 meters range of the wireless receiver.
  • Good ear cushioning is created by using memory foam.


  • Use this device with a single charge for about 18 hours.
  • Power conservation is not a problem with the DeepSleep mode turned on.
  • If you don’t have a place for charging the headset then go for the 3.5 mm jack. But it will not be helpful when you are doing an intense workout.
  • P2i military grade super nano-coating is working as a guard against moisture, sweat or any kind of spills. Great for your gym sessions.
  • Multiple devices can be connected.


  • The fit can be a problem for some people. But most of the users found it comfortable.
  • If you want a headphone with the great outdoor mic then this one may disappoint you. The mic functionality in the outdoor environment is a little bit hazy.

Go to the official website for a better idea of Plantronics BlackBIT FIT 500.The price is $139.99, char less

  1. Senso Bluetooth Headphones – Another budget headset

We have checked the budget-friendly headsets this time. We found this ear-buds unusually good for the price. Here our discussion will not be limited to the pricier headsets. The design is so good. You will be surprised to the see the perfect design at such a low price. The colour combination is also very attractive.


  • Well-designed earphones. Fits all the ear sizes.
  • Minimal design features. Looks simple and classy.
  • The nice carrying case is included in the package.
  • 3 ear caps are included in the bag of different sizes.
  • You will find super easy to use ear-clips for a perfect fit in the ear.
  • Senso is providing a small car charger with the package. This is something new and I am seeing it for the very first time!
  • The sound quality is decent.
  • The earphone has an IPX7 certification.
  • Battery life is about 8 hours.
  • It has noise cancellation feature.


  • You will get a decent sound level. It is good enough for the price you are paying. I hope you will not expect them to deliver the sound provided by the high-end devices.
  • IPX7 certification means you don’t have to worry about the earbuds while you are engaged in high-intensity workouts.
  • A lot of accessories are included in the package.
  • The noise cancellation works quite well.
  • Use it for a longer period it will not hurt your ears.
  • With 1.5 hours of charging you will get a very long battery life.


  • Suitable for bass-heavy sounds.
  • The sound quality is not good compared to the high-end devices.

Visit the official website: Senso Bluetooth wireless headsets. The price is $37.99

  1. Bose SoundSport Wireless Headphones

One of the best wireless headphones for workouts. Bose has the expertise of producing great headsets and earbuds. The Bose SoundSport is also a carefully engineered masterpiece. For a long period, Bose is putting miraculous effort on revolutionizing the sound. Moreover, on the new wireless earphones, they are putting special sensors to monitor heart rate. So you can easily rely on the products manufactured by Bose. I am here just to point out the features, pros and some rare cons.


  • This is pricey. But you have to understand that it is from Bose and they have produced some finest headphones off all time. So I will put it as a Bose feature.
  • This wireless earbud can take the challenge of intense workouts as it is water and sweat resistant.
  • This is for the people who want to work out and experience the perfect sound. This is perfect for them with comfortable earbuds and most powerful sound.
  • Great stability of the design allows you to concentrate fully on the workouts.
  • It comes in two colours. Black and Aqua.
  • 6 hours continuous battery life. But the battery life may depend on the loudness of the music.
  • Unique shape for fitting in the ear and sealing it for isolation.
  • Heart rate monitoring sensor is inbuilt into the earphone.
  • NFC pairing facility is present.


  • Intuitive app of the earphone makes the connecting and switching between devices super easy. You can personalize your settings with this free app.
  • This is the SoundSport earphone. So you can take calls and can talk with the help of inline mic. SoundSport gives you great ease of pairing your headphone with the help of Bluetooth.
  • The heart rate sensor is super accurate. So take your workout to the next level by monitoring the heart rate.
  • Super comfortable design and specially made sealing system provide you great opportunity to focus on the exercise.


  • It doesn’t have noise cancellation technology.
  • The price is high.

The official website Bose SoundSport Wireless Headphone. Price $149.95

  1. HearFuse True Wireless Earphones with touch controls

Apple has produced the true wireless earphones. HearFuse has following the footsteps and produced the true wireless earbuds. For hours you will be able to enjoy the crisp and clear sound with the tiny earbuds. Bluetooth 4.2 enabled earbuds are sweat and water resistant and suitable for use at the time of the intense workout. It has incorporated the tap touch control on the earphones. Hi-fi stereo sound speakers will give you a good experience. Small sized earbuds with very light weight will not let you down while you are engaged in some serious body-building or doing some intense cardio.


  • Impressive audio with Hi-fi stereo speakers.
  • Tap touch control. Easy to use.
  • Unique charging case specially made for this product, which provides ten extra charges. It works like a power bank with 1000 mAh capacity. It is simply connected to the USB charging cables.
  • Small and compact size earbuds. Very lightweight.
  • Super ergo design gives you a great fit in the ear. No falling off of the earpieces when running or jogging.
  • It comes in three colours black, red and white.
  • Additional sizing tips are added. You will get three pairs of these, so don’t worry about the fit.
  • 3 hours of music playing time with 30 minutes charging.
  • Frequency range- 2402 MHz to 2480 MHz, input voltage 3.7 V.


  • It is true wireless. No sign of wire on the earbuds.
  • Hi-Fi speakers added. So you will get fascinating sound.
  • The HearFuse true wireless comes with a complete package including different sizing tips for all sizes of the ear. The ergonomic designs enhance the noise cancellation feature. Fits great.
  • No charging facility on the go? Not an issue. This device comes with the charger that provides you with 10 extra charges.
  • Lightweight (only 5g) earbuds. No extra stress on the ears.
  • Supports any device. Great for using with apple devices too.
  • Totally moisture-resistant design helps you to concentrate on the gymnasium. Get all sweaty the earbuds will not damage.


  • The price is high.
  • The charger is not a conventional one. Only charges with the charger provided.

For more information visit the official website of HearFuse.  The price is $149.99.

  1. Anker SoundBuds Sports NB10 Bluetooth Headphone

I will be finishing the article by putting a review of Anker Sports NB10 Wireless earbuds. The final one is a cost-effective one. This is specially designed for gym sessions, running and swimming. With IPX4 internal protection, it gives you great safety against sweat and water. The adjustable neckband and good quality earbuds fit great. After using it I found it very comfortable. Users have given 99% positive about the device on Amazon. So you can definitely give it a try.  Anker is actually famous for manufacturing power banks and chargers but when they announced to create a wireless workout headphone I was very excited to give it a try.


  • Surprisingly good sound quality in comparison to the competitors.
  • Passive noise cancellation or noise isolation is a great feature. It just puts a seal around the earbuds and thus creates noise isolation.
  • It fits great on the ears and remains stable.
  • Gives a battery life of about 3.5 hours.
  • Good protection against moisture and sweat. IPX5 protection is introduced.
  • Gives an operational range of 33 feet or 10 meters.
  • 12 mm driver for boosting the sound.


  • Excellent fit to the ears. No chance of falling down when you are doing some hard work at the gym.
  • Stable Bluetooth connectivity.
  • It can remember up to 8 devices.
  • Works great with Apple products.
  • It gives you a “worry-free” warranty.  It means Anker is providing 18 months warranty for the product.
  • Hands-free call receiving works perfectly. The mic quality is decent.
  • With noise isolation and 12 mm driver sound booster, this device keeps you in the mood of the workout.


  • Only one device connectivity at a time.
  • The Bluetooth can be affected by the nearby Wi-Fi networks.
  • Battery life seems a little bit low.

The official site is here. The price is $39.88


Okay dear body-builders, fat burners and sprinters select the best earphone or full-sized headphone according to your requirement and budget. Looking for sensational sound quality, excellent fit, noise cancellation and connectivity? You have to go for some expensive ones. But if you content with mid-level ones that are also not bad. All types of wireless earbuds for intense workouts are included. Thanks for staying with us and reading the article. Hope to see you in the next review article.


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