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Drones are actually UAVs or Unmanned Aerial Vehicles. These vehicles can be autonomous or RPVs or Remotely Pilot Vehicles. In recent years we are seeing that drones have a huge demand in the market for their usefulness. These days drones are widely used for movie shootings, taking pictures or for mere amusement. These are the hobby or personal drones. But it is also very convenient for monitoring your agricultural or other projects, surveying and also for inspections. Remote construction work monitoring and decision making are very easy these days with the help of these vehicles. So when you are trying to buy one you have to be very careful. A lot of issues are there which you need to consider according to your purpose. So according to your primary need you have to select your drone. For different purposes, you have to select drones of different specifications and prices. If you are using drones for recreation then you can consider buying a cheaper one. For integrating these vehicles in your business or to start a new business you will be needing drones of different specs. So let’s begin analysing drones of different specs and characters and you will be able to select your best camera drone.

Best Professional Camera Drone of 2018

Various drones are available at the market at various prices. It is very crucial to know about your drones’ characteristics before buying one. You have to know what kind of Unmanned Aerial System is suitable for your desired operation. The price and performance of a drone depend on the camera quality, responsiveness, software quality and control. We will be discussing some of the models which are ready to fly.

The Fantastic: DJI Mavic Pro

DJI Mavic Pro

DJI Mavic Pro is quadcopter. Excellent design forces you to have a look at it for the second time. It can be folded into a size similar to a bottle of Coca-Cola.

DJI Mavic Pro has an obstacle avoidance system which allows it to move quickly to avoid collision of any type while it is flying in the sky. The new OcuSync transmission technology improves its range and offers a maximum of 4.3 miles range. The robust battery provides a total flight time of 27 minutes. Though it has a long range, the control is very much precise due to the integration of GPS and satellite. It has a dimension of 83.05 x 198.12 x 83.05 mm (3.27 x 7.8 x 3.27 inches). It is a new design and quite different from its predecessors. Its foldable design makes it easier to carry.

DJI Mavic Pro’s main specifications include a great camera having a resolution of 12 Megapixels, the video is recorded at 4k resolution at 30 fps, the maximum flight time of 27 minutes with the maximum speed of 40 mph in sports mode. The recorded video can be later on streamed directly to Facebook or YouTube. DJI Mavic Pro is great for travellers and also for the professionals. A wide range of accessories is there to add value to your drone. You can also download some apps for unlocking features of this model. You can buy Lens Filters, extra Propellers and batteries, travel bags and some other things with this drone. The price of this drone is $1299.

The awesome: DJI Phantom 4 Pro

DJI Phantom 4

Another excellent drone from DJI. This gives a tough competition to all the camera drones available at the market. The design is different from the DJI Mavic Pro but the specs and performance are almost same. According to some drone lovers, it is the best camera drone available at the market. This lightweight drone has a 5870 mAh Lithium Ion battery. The control is very easy and anyone can fly it with ease. It also has an obstacle avoidance technology. So it can fly freely without any danger of getting knocked down. It can fly at a maximum speed of 45 mph. It has different flight modes like sports, autonomous and positioning modes. It has the maximum range of 4 miles. The flight time is maximum 30 minutes. It is one of the top drones in the market because of its specs and reasonable price. It comes within $ 1499.

Its key features include 12 MP camera with 4k video recording (requires more space though). The captured still picture can be saved as a jpeg, raw or raw DNG format. The video can be taken in 1080p too. The built-in gimbal provides a good support for the camera.

By analysing its features it can be said that it is the fastest phantom drone so far made by DJI. It also has a very robust software. There are different extra parts available for DJI Phantom in the market. These includes Carrying case, Camera Filters, Accessory bundle, extra batteries and propeller package and lighting kits.  It is great for using in security purpose and as well as for recreation.

The indispensable: DJI Inspire 2.0

DJI Inspire 2.0

The first two top-class drones were suitable for the people who want mid-level drones. The one I am about to discuss is quite a massive one. Massive in price, not in size though. It is the best drone for serving your professional needs. For your information, I would like to mention that inspire 1.0 was also a premium one. That excellent invention was used in filmmaking. Yes. You heard it right! The inspire 1 was the first drone used in filmmaking. The inspire two takes all the goods of the inspire one and then improves it. If money is not a problem and you don’t feel it like a hefty price then this is the perfect all-purpose drone for you.

This quadcopter is suitable for covering news, making films and doing aerial videography.  This piece of art has a weight of 7.2 pounds. There is a gap of 1.2 feet between each rotor. So it is a big one and you need to register it with the FAA before flying it.

The whole structure is made of a composite of Magnesium and Aluminium. The arms are made of carbon fibre. It has dual battery support which gives maximum 27 minutes of fly time. It also has a self-heating system. The battery gives support to all the ancillary systems like camera and sensors. It can go up to a height of 16,400 feet. The controls support the master-slave technology with HDMI, USB and extension ports.

Its key features include the ZenMuse X5S camera which can capture 6k raw video @ 4.44 Gigabit per second! The controller range is up to 7 km or 4.3 miles. 16 GB SD card is there to provide maximum space support. This DJI Inspire 2 can fly at a speed of 58 mph and can go up to 60 mph if the wind is in favour. The obstacle avoidance technology provides a smooth flight without a chance of knocking down. The carbon fibre propeller arms give a great durability with lightweight. The price is $ 4999.

Midlevel: Youneec Q500 4k Typhoon

Midlevel Youneec Q500 4k Typhoon

It is a great camera drone to use if you want something good in reasonable price. It is in the midrange level. The price is $564. It is neither in the top level nor in the introductory level.  This is the drone which is ready to fly when unboxed with the android controller with touch screen facility. So that means you can control the drone with your android mobile. It provides you great features at low price.

The key features include anti-vibration CG03 camera with gimbal with fixed focus lens, fantastic video capturing ability and superb quality pictures. The video records in 4k resolution and also 1080p at 120fps is available with slow-motion capture ability. The camera is 12 MP high-res one which has a steady grip system which enables you to use your smartphone as an image viewer.

The modern looking design is very much similar to the expensive drones. It is portable and easy to set up. The controller is very lucrative. It has a joystick with android enabled touch screen so at the same time you can control the drone and see the view of the camera. Levers on the joystick gives you feeling of flying a real vehicle. The flight time is 15 minutes with three fly modes- home mode, smart mode and angle mode.

Best Budget Drone: Syma X5SC

Syma X5SC

We have discussed some really high price drones. But you can also get a lot of good drones at a low price as well. The Syma X5SC is one of those drones. These drones are wallet-friendly but give a good performance. It has high-quality video capturing ability.  Static photography is also very decent with the camera. The price is only $54. So it is an intermediate drone at a very low price.

The main features include HD camera, good sleek design. The flying range is 150 feet with a flight time of maximum 8 minutes. The battery is 500mAh which takes some time to reach full charge. The weight is only 110 grams! So stability may be sometimes a problem while flying it. At the time of stormy weather, it is very difficult to control it. But you have to keep in mind the price is very less and they are providing great features. But camera quality can lead to disappointment to the people who are trying to take pictures from the top for their projects. The camera is only 2 Mega Pixel so the quality will be average. The durability of the product is also admirable. Even if the drone crashes on any object there will be minimal harm as the replacement parts are very cheap to purchase. Additional batteries, propellers and others accessories are easily available in the market. For the money, it is a great product.

Hubsan H107C-HD: The mini-drone

Hubsan H107C+HD The mini drone

Smaller drones can be very good for recreation and fun. The Hubsan H107C is one of that kind. These are great to fly. The price is low but the miniature drone looks cool. If you don’t have a lot of money but you don’t want to miss a ton of fun then this is perfect for you. The battery is quick charging only takes 40 minutes to fully charge.  It has a maximum flight time of 7 minutes. The flight range is 150 feet. The 720p video capturing ability is cool for that price. With this price, they are offering features like altitude hold. So for this price range, this is an admirable addition. Altitude hold provides a smooth and stable flight.  Oh! I forgot to mention the price is only $37.

Back to the Business: DJI Spark

DJI Spark

This drone has the gesture mode which enables it to move in a predefined path. This one is selfie drone. After taking off from the operator’s hand it automatically adapts the gesture mode and can start shooting in the predefined paths. These paths can be circles, straight paths or follow me type. It also the obstacle avoidance technology and gesture recognition like other DJI mentioned previously. It is very much easy to fly and for the beginner operators, it is a good one.

The key features include advanced operation from the smartphone app which allows you to have a longer flight range. Normally the flight range is 1.2 miles. With the use of the app, you can improve the range up to 100 yards. Like any other DJI drones, it also has multiple flight modes such as- Tap fly and active track. These flight modes are called intelligent flight modes. QuickShot technology is incorporated in this DJI model. It enables you to make small videos from the shots taken at the time of flight. So with this quick shot technology, you will be free from uploading or editing and creating videos. This intelligent system enables you to make the video with the best quality shots taken the flight time.

Other features include a great battery life – up to 16 minutes. I already mentioned the transmission distance. It is about 1.2 miles but can be improved with the use of the app from the smartphones. The speed can go up to 31 mph. The camera is supported by 2 axis gimbal. 98 feet is the VPS range. It is super light in weight – only 300 grams. The camera is 12 Mega Pixel High-resolution camera. The video capturing is 1080p with the powerful lens. The price is very reasonable. Only $399.

U49C Red Heron

U49C Red Heron

It is QuacCopter. The design is sleek. The drone is good for the beginner operators. It is a very fun drone to fly. It has a double battery. As a result, the flight time is improved. It also comes with some extra motors. The camera is 13 MP and video recording is 4k.

Main features and specifications include decent picture capturing and video recording capabilities. It gives a good competition to all the other beginner drones. The best video capturing mode is 720p. It is headless mode enabled. Gives alarms when the battery is low. The drone is the best one for the kids. No app is needed to fly the drone. It is completely remote controlled. It is arranged with an altitude holding technology. It also has a rubber damping camera. As a result, it provides a better picture. The drone box includes extra battery and motors. These spare parts come in handy when kids or new operators are flying the drones. The price is only $200.

UDI U818A – 100 dollar drone


Before going into professional levels first try this UDI U818A drone. It is a 100 dollar drone which is very much fun to fly. It is perfect for the hobbyists. Before starting the higher level drone it will great to start with a practice model. This drone can be used as a practice drone for the beginners. With the simple basic design, this drone can produce good photography and videography. It has altitude hold technology so at the time flight is very much stable. With its FPV or First Person View, you can have a real-time experience of what the drone is capturing. So for aerial photography and exploration as well as learning the techniques to go to a higher level, this is a convenient drone to use.

The key specifications – It has a 2 Megapixel camera. The video resolution is 720p (HD). It can fly up to 10 minutes. The drone box includes an extra battery, micro SD card as well as VR headset. I already mentioned about the FPV and altitude hold technology.

This drone is affordable and sleek. The durability is surprising for the price. It is one of the best training drones available in the market. Before you go to pro level you must go through some training. The U818A drones are excellent for that purpose.

So this is it. In this discussion, the most popular, pricey, mid-level and also low priced drones are discussed. If you are going through a dilemma about finding the perfect drone for you then go through the list you will find the perfect one hopefully. Fly your drones safe.


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