Several Tips for Getting the Perfect Eyebrows


Natural-looking and beautiful eyebrows are some of the top beauty trends among women. If you admire such eyebrows, you should learn how to make yours look gorgeous at all times. You do not have to Buy expensive cosmetics and travel to your salon; you can make perfect eyebrows at home. These are tips to help you.

Choose Your Eyebrow Shape

The perfect eyebrow shape depends on the size and shape of your face. For instance, if the face is round, you should try to make an arch. Moreover, you should avoid creating a rounded shape as it makes your face appear round. If you have a square face, then you should go for a soft, curved brow shape. Also, you should avoid short and thin brow shapes.

Determine the Thickness of Eyebrows

You need to check whether your eyebrows are thick enough. Do not be concerned if your eyebrows fail to meet desired trends or standards for thickness. In fact, you can grow thick brows by using olive oil, castor oil, or other hair growth oils. It is also recommended to take a healthy diet as it helps your hair grow and the body. In fact, it only takes a few weeks to get excellent results.

Plucking Eyebrows

In this case, you need to use tweezers to pluck your eyebrows. Ensure there is adequate lighting and you are comfortable. Also, you should invest in a pair of tweezers as they are quite effective in grabbing the hair and tweezing eyebrows. Another option is to use the brush to comb eyebrows and then trim them with a pair of eyebrow scissors.

Filling Eyebrows

This is the most challenging and difficult process. Remember that you want to fill your eyebrows, so they look more natural and thicker. For instance, if the brows look lighter, you should consider coloring them with an eyebrow dye. The color of the eyebrows ought to be close to the tone of the hair. Ensure you get color is of the same color as your eyebrows. This is necessary to ensure your eyebrows look natural.

You can use different tools to fill the eyebrows. Some of the tools you can use are eyebrow powder, brow mascara, pencil, and shadow. Ideally, you need a pencil to conceal sparseness and create a natural look. Since you need thicker eyebrows, you should consider getting brow powder.

No matter the tool or instrument you are using, the steps of creating amazing eyebrows are nearly the same. You start with using eyebrow brush to brush brow hairs and then fill hairless spots. Also, you need to create an outline of the bottom and top edges of the brow. You should be careful when creating edges and avoid applying a lot of colors.

If you need your eyebrow shape to appear well-defined, you should highlight the skin between the eyelid and eyebrow. You can apply some drops of the concealer and then apply a highlighter.

From the above tips, it is not expensive to create your perfect eyebrow from home. You need to ensure you have the required tools and products and follow the above tips.


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