How To Choose The Right Residential Chandelier

Residential Chandelier

A chandelier is also known as a girandole. It’s often used as an ornamental light fixture mounted on the walls as well as ceilings. Usually, chandeliers are ornate. They also make use of incandescent light bulbs. With that said, there are various types of chandeliers. When mounted on a wall, a piece can quickly draw attention to itself. That’s why it’s essential to know how to choose the right chandelier for your home. The tips provided by Yiosi crystal chandelier below will guide you:

  1. Work On Determining The Size Of The Diameter

It’s essential to take note of the dimensions of your room. For instance, what’s the length? What’s the width? Sum these numbers such that if the room is 6 feet wide by 10 feet long, the sum is 16 feet. Thereafter, you should take that number and transform it into inches. This will give you a figure that efficiently works for that diameter you need for the chandelier.

  1. Do You Need Double Or Nothing?  

As earlier discussed, there are different types of chandeliers. Sometimes, you need to mount a piece in the dining table. Other times, you need to have it on an island. Either way, it’s better to have approximately three chandeliers in the house. If you own a long table, you may think of length in lighting. Also, ensure that it illuminates up to 2/3 of the table.

  1. Consider The Size Of The Room You’ll Be Lighting

Selecting the right size of chandelier for your room may be challenging in different ways. This is because a long fixture may be too large. At the same time, a small fixture may not help you to achieve your goals because it’ll disappear in the room, thereby losing its impact. Select a chandelier that’s slightly below 8 inches narrower. This should be on both sides.

  1. Consider The Installation Tips

When it comes to incorporating the right installation tips, it’s essential to determine the correct height of hanging. Therefore, if you want to mount the chandelier in your dining room, consider having it about 30 inches above the dining table. Keep in mind that in rooms where the ceiling is slightly lower, a chandelier can make your ceiling feel low.

  1. Determine Where You’ll Hang Your Chandelier  

The first aspect that will have an impact on where you’ll hang your chandelier is the room you’ll choose to light. This is because the decision will affect your choice of lighting. You can hang the chandelier with a dimmer switch in the master bedroom.

  1. How Will You Style Your Room?  

The theme of your room will help you in determining the type of chandelier you should invest in. You may choose a modern luxe or an industrial piece. You may also go for something in between. With that said, you should think of your space’s style to select the perfect theme of the chandelier. If it’s simple and stylish, then this piece would fit into your bedroom.


Since there are different types of chandeliers, you need to determine your style as well as a theme before picking the right one. The tips above will guide you.




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