Quartz VS Granite Countertops: Which one is Better?

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If you are shopping for a countertop material for your kitchen, you will likely have to choose between using natural stone or wood for it. While there are other options available to you, those made from natural stones are quick to catch the attention of homeowners. And then the challenge becomes which of the natural stone materials should they choose. So in this piece, we will be comparing and contrasting quartz and granite, which happens to be top on the list.

Quartz or Granite?

Most of the quartz countertop features 95% of the natural stone and 5% resin. On the other hand, granite is 100% from natural sources and is a tough stone. But could that be the only difference between them, or is there more? You can read up on a closer examination below.


With white quartz countertops, you get a shiny looking stone that allows you the freedom to customize it the way you like. But with granite, you get a lot of options and would have to find the one that matches your walls or floor.


One thing about your countertop is that it would need regular cleaning to keep it shining. You can easily clean granite daily with soap and water, but for tougher stains like oil, you may need a mild cleaner. But the downside is that you would have to reseal it once every year.

The good thing with quartz is that you would not have to reseal them ever. Cleaning is also easy, and you can use a milk cleaner like vinegar for tough stains, or wipe clean with soap and water.


Granite is durable and can easily resist direct exposure to heat, which is why they are safe to use in the kitchen. They do not do so well when exposed to direct impact and could get damaged from spills left on it.

On the other hand, quartz is almost indestructible and highly durable compared to granite. While it can keep your kitchen entirely bacteria-free, you want to know that it does not do well when exposed to heat. So it is advisable to make use of heating pads with quartz countertops.


Many homeowners are looking for environmentally friendly options around the house to help preserve the ecosystem. Granite uses up a lot of energy before it can end up in the kitchen. First of all, it needs to be mined from the quarry and then transported, which could leave a lot of carbon imprint on the environment.

Quartz also requires an engineering process but can prove to be more friendly to the environment, especially when you make use of local fabricators. This way, you get to avoid transporting it through a long-distance and avoid some poisonous gas emissions into the atmosphere.


Lastly, which is more expensive, granite, or quartz countertop?  It depends on the region where you are purchasing it, and the installation cost. But so that you know, it can cost between $2000 and $5000 to install a functional unit in your kitchen.




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