Points to consider before buying FUT coins


With the increase of technology and the more frequent use of the internet every day, our world has vastly developed, affecting every aspect of life, including the way we exchange currencies. Virtual currencies are one of those many new developments that have been brought about by technology. However, FUT coins are simply another form of virtual coins. In most gamer’s perspectives, an even better one.

FUT coins are a form of virtual currency used to trade on FIFA. FUT coins 21 let you buy what you want and trade, what you do not need. It could be a player you no longer need in exchange for a new pack or a player you might wish to buy according to the coins you have in your account. But before you buy FIFA coins for your next game, here are a few things you should know.

Secure your information before buying FUT coins

Buying or selling FUT coins is an online transaction, and just like every online transaction, there are a few risks, and these risks become even greater when you’re dealing with someone unfamiliar.

To avoid or minimize these risks, you should not give your account information to a dealer you barely know or even trust. As much as possible, work with someone you can trust.

Look out for signs like an outrageously underpriced deal, because in most cases, their products are false.

Know the risk

Before purchasing FUT coins, you should know the set of guidelines and rules about coin purchases. These are stated in the EA terms of service with penalties and consequences for going against the agreement.

These penalties might include but are not limited to having your points returned, an FUT club reset, warning emails and messages, and you might even get kicked out of the game. Yes, you can be banned.

Choosing a reliable dealer comes in handy here too, because you do not want the negative actions of an untrustworthy seller to affect your account or, in very serious scenarios, get your account banned.

Compare prices before purchase

Because it is not recommended by EA, prices would differ, depending on which platform, website, or personal seller you buy from. Since you are looking out to find your safest and cheapest option, you should have different options, from the dealers you trust most.

Buy just the amount you need

If you purchase more coins than you really need, you might end up wasting your money, and buying less than necessary might make you miss out on discount prices you should have benefitted from with larger purchases.

When buying FUT coins, know just how much you need. Would you like to purchase at once or leave some for later? As the game season goes by, the prices tend to drop lower, so you can be sure of better prices.

Have a refund guarantee

What if you already purchased coins that you do not want to use at the moment? That’s where the refund guarantee comes in, and it all boils down again to buying from a trustworthy seller.

Before buying FUT coins, you need to know if the seller will accept to give a refund in cases like that mentioned above. If he agrees to do so, then you know you can trust him enough to buy from him.

Conclusion on buying FUT coins

It is also advisable that you seek guidance from an experienced FIFA gamer, if possible, before purchasing. Look for the seller that offers safe and secure FUT coins transactions and with great prices too.


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