Places to Find Name Necklaces and How to Style Them


Name necklaces are personalized jewelry that has been in fashion since the 80s. They were initially in yellow gold, but other metals such as silver have come up. Nameplate necklaces signify the pride and identity of the wearer as they are customized just for them. The best kinds have short words that match the design and are fun too. This fashion trend doesn’t seem to be fading away, so get yourself a piece or two from namens kette. In this extract, we look at places you can find name necklaces and how to style them.

Where Can You Find Name Necklaces?

Where you buy nameplate jewelry depends on what kind you’re looking for. They come in various styles such as butterfly, monogram, sterling silver, and script name necklaces. The retail market is extensive, and they can be found pretty much anywhere. However, your options may be narrowed down by the need for good quality pieces and affordable prices.

More prominent jewelers or retailers in the industry generally have common metals like gold in white or yellow and sterling silver. Some also have necklaces coated or brushed with diamonds, birthstones, and gemstones.

The downside to these stores is the high prices that mark their jewelry. Some are too expensive to afford and are bought by families as heirlooms. Don’t always run to them and leave thousands of dollars, especially if you plan on saving. Check out other stores that offer precious metals that you desire at a fair price. Physical stores have an advantage over online shops since you can design and monitor your personalized necklace firsthand.

Also, online jewelry stores are an excellent place to buy as long as they are genuine, offer superior services, and have good ratings. Before customization, verify the materials, design, and settle on the price.

How to Style Name Necklaces

The versatility of these necklaces is astonishing. First, identify the one you wish to style, use it as a base and work around it. Always consider the material used. Does it complement your skin? Different skin tones work well with particular metals. Your outfit can also guide you to the right choice of name necklace by considering its colors, patterns, and textures. After selecting one, you can now style it in the following ways;

Cascading chains have gained popularity; they are beautiful and stylish too. You can layer several name necklaces to give the same effect. Put on one that’s short and one or more that are longer. Ensure the name designs don’t clash or appear exaggerated. Choker necklaces are perfect for pairing with long chains as they fit snuggly around the neck.

The second way to wear them is by buying various types of name necklaces like pendants, disks, and bars. You can have your name or those of loved ones etched, hang all the rings on one chain, and be careful not to overload it.

Lastly, you can style them by creating contrast with your outfit. You can pair a gold necklace with bright colors like neon, orange, etc. Black and white make also make its stand out. Ensure the patterns or shades you pick still tie together the whole look.


Name necklaces are great fashion pieces that, when worn correctly, bring out the wearer’s style and confidence. Personalized nameplates are more expensive than standard ones, but the thought of having a name that’s dear to you on it is priceless. However, customization allows you to design jewelry that fits your budget; hence you can get a nameplate whenever you desire.


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