Is the Heavy Duty Garden Hose Reel Too Expensive?


Cost is the most vital aspect of any purchase. Hearing about the cost of the retractable garden watering hose might discourage some people. But the cost is a relative concept. If the other benefits are worth it, the cost seems to be more than worth it. What exactly makes this particular retractable hose worth almost 200 dollars (USD). At prices of a hose reel is very reasonable.

To fully understand why the hose cost so much, we will have to understand the hose itself. What makes the retractable hose different from every single hose we’ve had over the years? Why is this particular hose the best option for just about any garden? Because it actually is the best option for gardens. Let us find out why.

Cost Benefits of the Heavy Duty Garden Hose Reels

1. Cheaper

The very first benefit is that heavy-duty hoses are cheaper. One might wonder how that is so. Assuming a person is using regular garden hoses found anywhere, how long would that last? How long would one be able to make do with regular hoses before opting for a change? Not too long is the answer.

However, with the heavy-duty garden hoses, this periodic cost is considerably cut down. The hose is designed to be able to last for a more extended period. This is mostly due to its highly durable casing material. The heavy-duty garden hose reel is coated with a polypropylene material which allows it to last.

2. Coating Material

This coating material makes the durability of these heavy-duty hoses higher than regular hoses. This in essence implies that one needs not change them as often as regular garden hose reels. This is a major economic benefit of the hose. Instead of changing hoses every few months, try the heavy-duty hose reel. Experience the comfort of using a hose for up to a year or even more. This is one of the reasons the heavy-duty garden hose reel is more expensive than a regular garden hose reel.

3. More Practical

The next reason has a lot to do with its practicality. The hose is extremely flexible in addition to its durability. Heavy-duty hoses are designed to be able to rotate to cover any part of the garden. All of this flexibility without leaving any noticeable sign of deformation. As long as one gets the proper length, all angles of the garden can be covered.

4. The Retractable System

Rolling up hoses are quite a chore. Imagine using a retractable system which makes this rolling up much easier. This particular feat will be more appreciated on really hectic or sunny days. All of this without leaving those annoying twists and deformation. These are just some of the more prominent benefits of the heavy-duty garden hose.

With these benefits, it becomes clear that the quoted price is more than reasonable. Currently, however, its price is barely above $190 (USD).


With all that has been said so far, is the heavy-duty garden hose still too pricey? It might be pricey, but once a customer gets theirs they no longer regret their actions. They are worth every single penny. There is currently a promo, so get yours today!!!


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