Guide to Buying Pressure Washer Retractable Hose Reel


If you have been searching for a place to buy a pressure washer retractable hose reel, then you are reading the right article. Giraffe tools offer pressure washer retractable hose reels at reasonable prices. You can visit website to place an order now. But if you are not sure which hose reel is best for you, this article will serve as a buying guide for you. Also, this article will take you through things you need to know when shopping for a pressure washer retractable hose reel.

Types of Retractable Hose Reels

Foremost, you should be acquainted with the types of retractable hose reels. There are mainly three types of retractable hose reels; manual, electric, and spring retractable.

  • Manual Rewind:

These hose reels are applicable when there is no power, they are better fits or excellent for longer hoses. It usually has crank handles and a turn on the handle causes a turn on the hose, hence the name manual rewind. These reels are very cost-effective.

  • Electric Retractable:

Electric retractable hose reels, alternatively known as motor-driven, require power to function. They require less human resources compared to the manual types.

  • Spring Retractable:

They created these reels with spring in them. When the hose pulls, it creates tension in the spring. The tension then retraces the hose into the reel.

Highlights of Pressure Washer Hose Reels

Below are some features of pressure hose reels that enable them to store hoses safely and conveniently.

  1. Materials: Pressure hose reels are developed with sturdy stainless steel and are layered with enamel. Protecting the hose reel from any form of rust.
  2. Temperature and Pressure:The reels are made to withstand temperatures as immense as 400 Fahrenheit. So, the reel can be competent to stand the temperature and force the water uses to pass through the hose.
  3. Price: The price of the pressure hose reel is more than the price of a garden hose reel because they are made to be impervious to the pressure the water uses to pass through the hose.

Tips on Choosing the Right Retractable Hose Reel

While buying a pressure washer hose reel, there are a few necessaries you have to consider. Some of which are mentioned below;

  1. Capacity: You need to get a reel that can hold your pressure hose. You should check the size if it can hold the width and length of your hose. If you buy a reel, that is not big enough to hold your hose, it will just be a waste.
  2. Pressure: How high is the pressure of the reel you are considering buying? It should be high enough to bear the pressure of the water passing through the hose.
  3. Quality: Of course, with higher quality comes a higher price. Also, quality products always last longer. So, choose if price or quality is your priority, it is up to you to decide.
  4. Type: Do you need an electric, manual, or spring reel? Consider what you want to use the reel for, then make a choice which type of reel is best.

Bottom Line

Everyone wants to spend money only on products that give actual value. Since pressure washer retractable hose reels are quite expensive, you should study your requirements so as not to get one you cannot use. When you are convinced of the right pressure hose reel to buy, you can go right ahead and place an order.


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