Should You Give Out Custom Marketing Stickers


The interesting thing about custom sticker marketing is that it can get a person to do anything. It is strange how wholesale marketing stickers can get people to make a purchase or act in a certain manner.

You are probably wondering why you should give out brand sticker labels. We will show you the benefits of these amazing marketing tools and how to use them in this post. 

Benefits of using stickers for marketing

If you take a poll of different forms of marketing, you will notice that stickers (know more) are among the most effective. Of course, social media ads are very potent but somehow, stickers seem to be more effective for several reasons. 

Let’s check out a few reasons why stickers are preferred by marketing experts to other marketing media. 

Easily made

This is one of the top benefits of stickers, they are very easy to produce. Designing stickers these days has become a piece of cake as there are many tools at your disposal. You can choose to design by yourself or contract a company to help you out. 

When it comes to designing brand sticker labels, the only boundaries that exist are the ones you create.

Variety of shapes

It is very easy to engage in custom sticker marketing because you can decide on the shapes you want. There are so many shapes to choose from. As a matter of fact, you can even create your own shapes depending on your products.

You just need to seek the services of a company that can create die-cut stickers. Show them your preferred sticker shapes and take advantage of their services at an affordable price.



The same way there are a variety of shapes for your wholesale marketing stickers, there are several materials too. These materials range from waterproof to gloss, all coming in different colors. You can make your choice of materials based on how you want to use the stickers.

If the stickers are for outdoor purposes, then it is better to use waterproof materials. These materials are less likely to get destroyed by water or other environmental factors. In choosing your materials, here’s a simple tip. Stay away from clear materials, they are not great as stickers.


How can we talk about the benefits of stickers without talking about the variety of sizes available? These days, you have the luxury of choosing the sizes of your stickers. Your choice is always dependent on why you need stickers.


When you compare stickers to other forms of marketing, it is clear that they are the cheapest of the lot. Even cheap materials like socks, pens, and t-shirts are not as cheap as stickers. What does this imply to your campaign?

It means you can produce so many while sticking to a reasonable budget. Since you are producing a whole lot, it is easier to share these stickers bountifully. The more stickers you put out there, the more attention you attract to your brand. With very little, you can get so much when it comes to the use of stickers. 


Uniquely personal

The power of human relationships cannot be undermined even by the fast-evolving digital age. As humans, we still crave that one-on-one connection. Stickers give you this opportunity in several ways.

One of these is the fact that you can hand these stickers personally to clients and prospects. When you do, you can begin a discussion with these individuals that gives them a sense of belonging. 

Another way is that these people place your stickers on their personal belongings. You will see stickers on laptops, backpacks, water bottles, work desks, cars, etc. This personal touch makes these individuals ambassadors of your brand without them thinking about it.

In case you don’t know, about 90% of purchases are made from this kind of referrals. You should take advantage of this to grow your brand.

Easy to share

This is one of the most interesting advantages of custom sticker marketing. You can place brand sticker labels on anything, anywhere. They are that flexible. Here are the most popular places people place their wholesale marketing stickers.

  • Backpacks
  • Ceilings
  • Cell phones
  • College campuses
  • Doors
  • Guitars
  • Laptops/computers
  • Mirrors
  • Notebooks
  • Posters
  • Products
  • Refrigerators
  • Restrooms
  • Sidewalks
  • Skateboards
  • Walls
  • Water bottles
  • Windows
  • Work desks

As much as you can place stickers anywhere, we advise that you use stickers responsibly. Don’t deface public locations or properties with your stickers, it will paint a bad image of your business.


Designing your stickers

Now that you know how beneficial stickers are, let’s look at how to design stickers efficiently. We all know about ensuring that our stickers look good. However, beyond looking good and providing value, what else should you consider when designing stickers?

Add a “call to action”

Use your stickers to inspire a specific action. You have a goal for your campaign, now use your stickers to inspire your customers to take steps. Here are a few examples to help you:

Goal Call To Action
Increase brand awareness Take a photo with the sticker and post it on social media to get a special gift.
Grow your email list To get a discount on your first purchase, send an email.
Increase general sales For 10% off, make use of this coupon.
Generate more traffic for your online store Use this CR code to shop now.
Give customers access to your wi-fi Print your wireless network ID and password on stickers. This idea is perfect for hotels, coffee shops, etc.


When designing your stickers, always remember that less is more. Consider elements that add value to the business and use these as the center of your design. Ensure that this appeals to your customers.  Don’t be excessive with your designs, the idea is to attract customers to your desired purpose. 

Consider where the stickers will be placed

While designing wholesale marketing stickers, think about where they will be placed. This will help you decide on the materials to use and the size of the stickers among others. 


Custom sticker marketing is fast becoming the order of the day when it comes to building brand awareness. There is so much you can achieve using brand sticker labels. Share your thoughts with us in the comments section. If you have any demand for custom stickers, welcome to inquire us at Zigpac.


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