Are Clothing Labels And Tags All That Important?

Clothing Label

It’s important to have clothing labels on clothes as they play a huge role in influencing a customer’s buying decision. The fact that customers look beyond the aesthetics and fabric of clothing means that you ought to get clothing tags for your designs from deepking label. They’ll make the best and most identifying high-quality labels for your products at amazing prices.

Why Clothing Labels and Tags Are Important

Generally, labels are important because they include very vital information about the products making them very essential for customers’ decision-making process.  Depending on the kind of information they hold, there are different types of labels which include:

  • Care labels
  • Size labels
  • Logo labels
  • Content labels
  • Hang labels
  • Woven labels

The main benefits of the labels are:

  1. Care details

The care labels, especially those on clothes hugely determine whether or not a customer is going to make a purchase or not. It acts as a guide on how to properly care for a particular fabric. When certain fabrics are not taken care of in a particular way, they get ruined. They can shrink, rip, fade, or even come apart.

When people go shopping, they’ll check how convenient it is for them to clean their clothes. For example, some prefer garments that are to be dry-cleaned by professionals while others prefer machine washing as they feel it’s more economical. The maintenance and aftercare play a great role in pushing a customers’ decision forward or backward.

If a particular fabric requires any kind of special care, a label is sewn into it to let the buyer know about the special care instructions. The labels also state how much heat the fabric can withstand when being ironed or put in a dryer to remove wrinkles.

  1. Brand identity

In today’s world, there is a need for businesses to build their brand name and stand out. When you create your identity, you are able to thrive even in the midst of the fiercest competition.

When designing your label, include the brand name, logo alongside other important information like the size. Do not underestimate the role a label plays in making you stand out.

Clothing Label

What does the information on labels help with?

Buyers benefit a lot by checking the information that is on a label. The information is useful to them in the following ways:

  1. You can easily tell about the authenticity of the material used to make the products since it’s indicated on the label. You can’t get conned and pay more than what the product is worth
  2. It’s so easy to find the right size and hence the perfect fit.
  3. For convenience purposes. Different fabrics have different features and characteristics. For example,  wool is warm while cotton is breathable, lycra is stretchy, and satin is inflexible and provides a structured look. You can easily choose what you feel works best for you.

Also, if you have any allergies you can avoid fabrics that set off a reaction. Fabrics like polyester may set off allergies.

  1. You avoid unnecessary expenses by avoiding garments that require a considerable amount of money to keep clean i.e. by dry cleaning
  2. It’s much easier for you to support local and eco-friendly products just by reading the information on a label.


Always take time to read the information contained on a label. You never know what critical information you might end up missing out on if you skip it or tear it off.

Lastly, if you own a product line and aren’t sure about the kind of label to go for, check out DeepKing Label for some amazing options that match your budget. They will be happy to put together a label that conveys your message in a simple way and also stays true to your brand.



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