Buying guide for a mini smart projector

mini smart projector

A mini smart projector is essential if you are traveling and have a business presentation or for personal use.

The projector also called a pico projector, is small and can fit in your hand. So, if you are traveling and you want a small projector that can fit into your bag, then this is it. You can also use to watch movies or sports games.

Before, you buy one of these; here are a few things to consider.

The Resolution

What is the quality of the pictures? You can know this by looking at the resolution of the projector. A mini smart projector with high resolution produces high-quality pictures that are clear and accurate.

Mostly, pico projectors have a lower resolution unlike other main projectors, such as 1080p, 720p, or lower depending on the model. These are good enough for making business presentations to a small group. However, you may find the picture quality low if you use it for gaming or watching videos.

Contrast Ratio

Contrast also determines the quality of the images.  The best contrast ratio is 1000:1. The ratio compares between the darkest and brightest parts on the screen. Some of the factors that can affect the ration are ambient light and screen quality. As you scout for the projector, look for one that has the highest contrast ratio.

How Bright

How bright you need the projector to be, depends on the room you are using for projecting. If the room is large, bright, and with windows, then you will need to go for higher lumen. For a small, low-lit, or darkroom, 150 ANSI lumens is enough.


Since you are likely to use the projector while on the move, you will need it to have a battery and a long-lasting one. Check how long the battery can last. You don’t want to recharge in the middle of a presentation or movie.

A 7500mAh battery can last up to 180 minutes. This can give you adequate time to make a presentation or enough time to watch a movie.

Throw ratio

The throw ratio shows the size of the image based on the distance of the projector from the screen. Projectors have an ultra-short throw, short throw, or throw. You should place a short throw at 3 to 8 feet so that you can get a full image on the screen. An ultra-short should be at 0 to 4 feet, good when you are projecting on a table.

A mini projector should have a short throw ratio if you intend to place it closer to the screen.

Additional Features

Additional features you can consider when buying a mini projector are Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connection, internal storage, internal speaker, and the operating system.

For instance, you can connect your smartphone to the projector using Bluetooth, to make a presentation or watch a movie.

Also, if you are using a projector supported by android OS, you can download apps such as Spotify, Netflix, and YouTube.  You can then turn on Wi-Fi to watch videos on YouTube and access other apps. Make sure the projector supports the latest version of Wi-Fi so that you can get stable transmission and for it to pair with other devices.

Does it have built-in storage? Nowadays, Pico projectors come with built-in storage. Although you will not get a lot of space, you will find those with 16GB storage.   


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