Brands To Avoid While Buying Smart TV Android Boxes


Smart TV android boxes are the latest technology on TV boxes. Its sales have been growing tremendously recently. The best thing about TV boxes is that they are available worldwide; an example is the evpad australia. The fact that sales are on a rapid rise means that there are many suppliers in the market. But, not all suppliers provide the best and quality Smart TV android boxes. This article aims to inform you about Smart TV android boxes brands to avoid while making a purchase.

Smart TV android boxes brands to avoid while making a purchase

1. Low-quality pictures

While buying a TV box, you should avoid brands that sell TV boxes with low-quality pictures. The goal of owning a Smart TV android box is to ensure you have maximum enjoyment of your box. A low-quality TV will limit your enjoyment. While buying, make sure to look at the specifications to ensure the TV box has features that will enable high-quality pictures.

2. Low performance

It would be best if you avoided Smart TV android box brands that have low performance. The CPU and GPU determine a Smart TV android box performance. It would be best to check the CPU and GPU specifications before making a purchase. A TV box with an octa-core processor will ensure a smooth, fast, and efficient machine.

3. Poor audio

The TV box brand to avoid is one with poor audio. A TV box is usually the best stress reliever available or the best way to unwind. Having one with poor audio can limit your enjoyment. Make sure while buying the Smart TV android box, the audio system has the latest technology.

4. Lack of verified payment

With online, there are many cons. It would be best if you avoided brands that have unverified means of payment. There have been several cases online of identity theft. A verified means should be among the key things to consider. Also, the brand you choose should provide secure and safe payments.

5. Delay in delivery

Avoid Smart TV box brands that take too long to deliver purchased products. Some brands take more than a month before delivering a TV box purchased online. The long waiting period can be a little off-putting. The best brands available in the market have short periods of delivery, mostly less than a week.

6. Expensive brands

Avoid Smart TV box brands that will be too expensive in the long run. The high cost can be in terms of high maintenance cost. A friendly TV box to buy will ensure that all its customers are satisfied with the services offered. Therefore, the best brand to go for will not have expensive maintenance costs.

7. Poor customer service

Excellent customer service is critical in every business. Ensure that the brand you choose has knowledgeable customer support. Customer support should know all the tiny details of the product you are purchasing. Also, they should be available 24/7 for any inquiry you have. In addition, the response to any inquiry made should be prompt.


Purchasing a Smart TV android box should be done with a high degree of keenness. Mostly, TV boxes are purchased to offer services for an extended period. Therefore, buying a TV box that offers low quality and performance will minimize your enjoyment.


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