Explore different ideas for bathroom vanity units


Over the years, the interior design industry has rapidly grown. Interior designers keep searching for out of the box means of making homes stand out. Interior design helps significantly improve the appearance of the house. Additionally, interior design also helps to increase the real estate value of the house.

From the living room to the bathrooms, there are several ways to make the home appear luxurious. Bathrooms are one of the most challenging places when it comes to interior design. Bathroom vanity units are an excellent way of making the bathroom stand out and appear stylish. In this post, we discuss some ideas for bathroom vanity units.

Ideas for luxurious bathroom vanity units

  • Double bathroom vanities

Double bathroom vanities are the perfect way to create more storage space in the bathroom. Double bathroom vanity units feature two sinks and two cabinets. In some cases, they also may include two mirrors. They offer all the benefits of single bathroom vanity with the added advantage of space. However, installing double bathroom vanity units require more space for installation. They are also more costly and more time consuming to install.

For double bathroom vanity units, you can choose to go in various ways. You can either have two separate sinks. The sinks can be of the same type or not.

On the other hand, a single sink for two vanities can be a good option. A two in one vanity sink goes in between the two vanities. However, the sink has to be large enough to accommodate the large vanity that is built for two.

  • Single bathroom vanity units

There is a lot that you can do for single bathroom vanity. You can choose different designs and different materials for both the countertop, the sinks, and the cabinets. The cabinets can be manufactured from different wood materials. You can also play around with the colors and the makes of the vanity. White bathroom vanities are standard in many homes. However, for a house with toddlers, a vanity with darker colors would do the trick. Darker shades can be just as classy with lesser maintenance needed.

Bathroom vanity materials

The materials used in making the bathroom vanity units also influence the design. You can always choose bold designs with rustic elements. Such plans include bathroom vanities made from wood. Wood can still be curved into different designs and styles. Concrete is also an excellent choice. Like wood, custom designs can be built out of concrete bathroom vanities.

Building a bathroom vanity from scratch is a better option for replacing one or renovating. By making a vanity unit from scratch, you have the option of playing around with the designs.

Bottom Line

Choosing the design for bathroom vanity can be a hectic task. Some of the main factors to consider during the process include the size of your bathroom. The size will help you determine the type of vanity to install. Other factors include the cost of the process of installation and the materials.


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