Modern Design Ideas For Your Private Heaven – Your Bathroom


Since we use our bathrooms at least twice every day, it’s very important that we choose fantastic designs that transform bathrooms into refreshing spaces. Vanity homeware items and cabinets help homeowners to create simple designs that become a sanctuary for comfort, cleanliness, as well as organization.

Modern Design Ideas For Your Private Heaven

In this part of the article, we’ll have a look at some of the common ways in which you can arrange your bathroom to accomplish your desired purpose:

Mid-19thCentury Modern Design

Mid-19thcentury times fall between 1933 and 1965. This design features a lot of architectural, furniture, graphic, and interior style. Natural colors like brown, geometric shapes and straight lines are also a large part of this design.

It’s also advisable that you keep things symmetrical by strategically placing the bathroom items in the right places. Balance is key.

Simple and Minimalistic Design

Like they say, sometimes simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. When it comes to designing your bathroom space, ensure that you find ways that will keep the open space free of clutter. The best way to do this is by installing built-in vanity systems that hold personal items as well as other bathroom supplies.

Clutter-free space leaves you feeling generally relaxed.

Simple and minimalistic décor ideas are also referred to as simplistic décor ideas and include:

  1. Hanging modern art and other types of prints on the wall
  2. Incorporating a mirror that goes all the way from the floor to the ceiling
  3. Showcasing concrete and wood elements
  4. Using white towels instead of multicolored or brightly colored ones

How to play around with the designs

A lot of bathroom designs can be created by playing around with different elements that we’re going to look at. All of them are important so it’s not advisable to ignore one factor and focus more on the others. Including all of them gives the best results.

There are three main factors that you can play around with to come up with different designs:

  1. Furniture

When designing your bathroom, it’s very important that you place all your furniture and other items in the right place. For example, you could use your freestanding tub as the focal point and work around it when placing the chair. Ensure the color of the chair and the pattern fit into the ultimate design that you’re going for.

Other items that you can add include mirrors and faucets.

  1. Greenery

Adding some plants in your bathroom creates a link between the indoors and outdoors. You should also ensure that the greenery is in sync with the design that you’re going for. Do not go overboard with the plants – one or two potted plants should be enough.

  1. Lighting

The type of fixtures that you choose play a crucial part in the design style. There are so many factors that affect lightings such as the type of bulbs you choose and their placement as well as windows and their size. The quality of light is very important and cannot be underestimated.

Why Is It Important That You Personalize Your Bathroom Vanities?

  1. Customization allows you to decorate your bathroom exactly how you want it to be.
  2. Sometimes for a cabinet to fit perfectly into space you’re designing, it has to be in a very specific. You might need it in different dimensions that what is normally available in the market.
  3. You choose the style and material of your preference; one that you feel will stand the test of time against moisture.
  4. Space is utilized maximally- vanities may be mounted on the wall to ensure that space is used up well.




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