5 Types Of Personalized Name Necklaces You Can Invest In

Personalized Name Necklace,style 1

The allure of personalized name necklace has taken over the luxury industry, and it is now the go-to jewellery design. As seen in name necklaces-uk https://www.ineffabless.co.uk/, it is enticing for the sole reason that it has a varying number of designs under the category. The designs make it easier for you to choose what you wish, or custom makes your unique designs with minimal effort. If you are considering purchasing a personalized name necklace for you or your loved one, below are some designs you should know of.

  1. Heart Personalized Name Necklace

The heart name necklace is one of the most common go-to designs. Often, the name necklace comes in a variety of designs including initial name letter at the middle of a heart name pendant necklace. Additionally, the heart personalized name necklace can be custom made to highlight names on one side with affirmations and love notes on the other side.

  1. Diamond Personalized Name Necklace

One of the best custom name necklaces that you can invest in is the diamond name necklace. Highlighting your name in the size and font that you wanted, the name can be initials or full name design. The pomp and color add to the plain effects of your name; hence you get to see your name sparkling in the light. With the diamond name necklace, you have the opportunity to custom design the desired number of diamonds on the necklace.

  1. Initial Personalized Name Necklace

The simplest designs that you can wear at both social and business settings is the initial necklaces. As the name suggests, the design usually includes the initial of the first or second name of a person. If this happens to be too simple for you, you can choose to initialize both name letters on a pendant, heart, box or merely let it hang on its own for a simple classical feel.

  1. Pendant Personalized Name Necklace

To add design and intrigue on an otherwise plain necklace design is adding names on a pendant. Just like custom pendant designs, usually, an encasing of a memorable photo is placed in a locket. To highlight meaning, you can inscribe who it belongs too. The same can be done on a gold or silver name necklaces pendant adding a little oomph to a simple design.

  1. Bar Personalized Name Necklace

Finally, the bar name necklace is one of the easiest ways you can add your name on a necklace piece. According to your taste, the necklace can hang horizontally or perpendicularly and hence showcase a different style. To give off a different feel, you can custom make the width and the font size of your bar necklace hence giving you a little room on adding a personal touch.


Overall, Name necklaces-uk showcases a multitude of designs that are sure to intrigue you. What’s more, they are made tastefully with maximum effort placed on the craftsmanship for high-quality necklaces. By investing in personalized name necklace, you can artfully showcase your style and personalize your name for the ultimate personal touch.


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